The winning combination

Progold and Bluclad, together to create a new electroplated alloy production hub for jewelers, luxury and fashion

Progold S.p.A. takes part in the 2023 edition of Vicenzaoro January together with Bluclad S.p.A., a Florentine company and reference point for electroplated products aimed at fashion & luxury. An important occasion to present the products created through the synergy between the two companies, which have thus generated a new leading group for the production of alloys for the jewelry world and galvanic solutions for jewelry and luxury fashion. The new line takes its name from Progold’s partner company and is formulated to satisfy every customer by giving metals the desired colors and greater shine with time-resistant treatments. Hence, BLUCLAD105, an innovative solution for electroplating a platinum and rhodium alloy, which can be used both as a finishing layer and as a protective intermediate layer in nickel- free and hypoallergenic electroplating processes. BLUCLAD400, on the other hand, is the ready-to-use extra white rhodium bath containing rhodium metal. With its formulation and the brightening agents it contains, extremely high shine values can be achieved. The electrolyte is formulated to ensure excellent deposition speed and penetration capacity, even in areas with low current density. Lastly, BLUCLAD600 is the anti-tarnish solution that, when combined with BLUCLAD601 (an additive for the maintenance and replenishment of consumed organic components for keeping the bath running steadily), creates an invisible film that protects against oxidizing agents.

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