Towards a Circular Economy

With its Gold Recovery System GRC 5000, Koras aims at recovering precious metals after processing

It is obvious that recovering raw materials is now an indispensable factor in all fields of a circular market economy. All the more so in a sector such as jewelry, which is based on the use of precious metals, whose prices have skyrocketed in the last two years.  That is why Koras, which has always focused on studying and developing machinery for the jewelry industry, has found its core business in the creation of devices for recycling gold and related materials made with a combination of tried-and-tested and automated systems. Added to these is machinery for the design and complete construction of systems for treating electrical and electronic scrap, as well as those for cleaning, electropolishing and finishing. The Koras Gold Recovery System GRC 5000 not only recovers gold after grinding, it can also recover metals from rinsing and polishing baths. The GRC system consists of a dissolving unit and an electrolytic cell. In just one step, precious metals can be recovered directly from the waste and, unlike the common method of boiling the sludge with aqua regia or cyanide, the Koras system uses non-harmful chemical products instead. Another advantage is that the gold inside the reactor is dissolved at room temperature, thus reducing energy costs and preventing the emission of toxic gases. Moreover, no scrubber is required.

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