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Two New Furnaces from G.B. F.lli Bertoncello

Founded in 1958, the historic Vicenza-based company improves casting system efficiency and safety

Able to meet the needs of professionals in search of quality, technology and safety, Alpha 24 and Sincro SY3, presented at T.Gold 2024, are two high-performance furnaces created through the know-how for which the company from Romano d'Ezzelino in the province of Vicenza, an international leader since 1958 in the production of furnaces, and not only for the jewelry sector, is wellknown. Alpha 24, a furnace for firing plaster cylinders, is synonymous with efficiency in the field of casting. Thanks to the rotating table and an air recirculation system, the temperature inside the furnace remains uniform. Moreover, each cylinder can be identified and recalled to the front of the automated door. Sincro SY3, a bell furnace for annealing and cooling in a water bath with a totally automatic cycle, is a veritable hallmark for annealing in the jewelry and watchmaking industry. Its vertical design, purposely studied to ensure operating comfort and operator safety, makes it one-of-a-kind.

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