Two new green products

Low environmental impact systems by Italimpianti Orafi

A sector in which Italimpianti Orafi invests greatly is the research and development of new products and technologies, with particular focus on low environmental impact systems that respect the ever more binding regulatory requirements. Two new products that reflect this “green” aspect are the FIM/ RO Rotary Induction Melting Furnace in which the crucible rotates resulting in a more efficient melting with greater homogenization of the molten metal in less time, and the new RAEE system for processing electronic circuit boards with retrieval and refinement of precious metals and rare earth-elements in order to obtaining new raw materials for various sectors. One of the most significant machines in this system is the E-Pyro Incineration and Calcination Furnace which is based on a process of controlled pyrolysis of the organic components with the subsequent thermal destruction and calcination of the inorganic waste.

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