Vimor S.r.l.

Vimor is an Italian company, based in Schio, specialized in the production of machinery for making jewellery, in particular for rope chain, and creating finished products in gold, silver, and platinum. This dual mission has enabled the company to consolidate its position on markets worldwide since its founding in 1995. Commitment, drive, technical and practical know-how, flexibility, accessibility, and particular attention paid to each individual client have always been the values that distinguish Vimor, boosting the company to an ever-higher profile on the international panorama, even during economic downturns like those experienced over recent years. The company works in leading world markets like China, USA, Singapore, Dubai, India, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, as well as in numerous other nations, where the tradition of gold and silversmithing has always been deeply rooted, like Israel, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, and Pakistan. Confidence in its own resources and ambition push the company towards continuous improvement and openness to innovation and new technologies. Vimor is proud of its family business origins and, still today, maintains a cordial and informal approach towards clients and other companies, while guaranteeing the utmost professionalism and accuracy. We are able to provide the Customer with a complete know-how, from casting to finishing, with the relative machinery.


Available Rope Chain Size and more
0.25 - 0.35 - 0.40 - 0.50 - 0.60 - 0.70 - 0.85 - 1.00 - 1.20 - 1.40 mm
Speed Production
120/190 links/min.
Power Supply
220 volts 50 Hz single phase


Vimor S.r.l.
Goldsmith Id Mark 1864 VI
Via Belfiore, 23 - 36015 Schio (VI) - Italy
Tel. + 39 0445 540188 - Fax + 39 0445 540198 -

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