Water or Gas?

TMA-W TMA-G by Topcast are designed to produce uneven or even and spherical metal powders respectively

Topcast presents its Vacuum Induction Metal Atomizers TMA, designed to produce metal powders. They are based on an induction furnace, working in a closed chamber under protective atmosphere, from where the molten metal is poured and hit by a jet of high pressure inert gas or water, producing fine and deoxidized powders. TMA-W is a family of water atomizers designed to produce metal powders of irregular shape, to be used in industrial, chemical, soldering paste, resin filters, MIM and sintering applications. Traditionally chemical refining is performed on metal grains coming from granulation system like the TMF-G family we are producing since more than 16 years. However, in the last years, more and more companies are moving toward atomized power instead of grains, for performance reasons; atomized powders lead to an increase in the productivity (much faster reaction) as well as an increase in selectivity (you can start using aqua reqia refining process with lower Au content or either higher Ag content). TMA-W are especially indicated for pre-processing precious metals (Au, Ag) but also PGM (like Pt, Pd). TMA-G is a family of gas atomizers designed to pro- duce metal powders of regular and spherical shape, to be used in many industrial, chemical, electronics and rapid prototyping application (additive manufacturing) as SLM (Selective Laser Melting) and EBM (Electron Beam Melting). The shape, the size and the distribution of the resultant powder are mainly related to the following parameters: gas pressure and flow rate, metal temperature, molten metal flow through the nozzle.Topcast TMA-G Atomizers are designed to easily control all these variables for a high quality additive manufacturing powder.


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