When the Chain is Sparkly

New technology and a new headquarter for Vimor

Vimor, an Italian company, was founded in 1995 and specializes in the production of jewelry-making machines, making hollow and solid rope chains in gold, silver and platinum. Over the years, it met the favor of the market all over the world, thanks to its commitment, technical and practical know-how, flexibility, accessibility and the particular attention it pays for each and every customer, values it is distinguished for, giving it an increasingly higher profile the world over.
Confidence in their resources and drive push the company towards continuous development and an openness to inno- vation and new technologies. The new machine for producing extremely high quality ‘Sparkly’ chains is their newest innovation, which maintains its characteristics of reliability and precision for a long time. In addition, Vimor has recently expanded and renovated its headquarters, guaranteeing the greatest professionalism and accuracy for the customer.

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