WHITENOR® by Berkem

The platinum-ruthenium alloy’s new white revolutionizes electroplating and conquers jewelry and fashion

Color coordinates L*88; a*0.55; b*2.8. Those in the trade know that these are the ideal coordinates for achieving results that everyone can finally agree on, offering the jewelry, silverware and fashion industries perfect finishes that are so white as to be mistaken for those achieved with rhodium-based solutions (color coordinates L*90.5; a*1; b*1.5). Extremely white and shiny deposits, free of any yellowish reflections and up to 3 microns thick can be obtained with WHITENOR®, Berkem's latest development in platinum and ruthenium-based plating solutions. Compared to PLATINOR® solutions (color coordinates L*88; a*0.9; b*4.2), which are based on pure platinum, WHITENOR® features a reduction in the “b” color coordinate and a proven chemical stability that makes the solution extremely easy to use and maintain over time. A new product in the already abundant range of successful Berkem products, a leading company in the galvanic sector, that once again underlines the company’s constant investment in R&D and, above all, its marked attention to eco-sustainability, as the use of pure raw materials from controlled and verified sources goes to prove. With this platinum/ruthenium alloy, Berkem now offers an ideal application on silver surfaces, guaranteeing bright deposits while acting as an excellent oxidation barrier. This latter feature, together with the good levelling power provided by the ruthenium in solution, which also increases penetration, make WHITENOR® an alternative to palladium-based intermediate baths too.

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