WHITENOR® by Berkem: the White that has Conquered Jewelry and Fashion

Instead of rhodium, platinum/ruthenium, for brighter-than-ever decorative plating bath

Platinum/Ruthenium instead of rhodium. It took Berkem’s R&D team a year to study and work out the formula for WHITENOR®, and now jewelry and the fashion world have a new innovative solution for decorative and technical plating baths that guarantees extremely bright deposits with thicknesses of up to 3 microns and no yellowish reflection. The particular characteristics are defined by the color coordinates L*88; a*0,55; b*2,8, able to provide a finishing of such whiteness that it can be mistaken for the one made from rhodium-based solutions (color coordinates L*90,5; a*1; b*1,5). Compared to the PLATINOR® solutions (color coordinates L*88; a*0,9; b*4,2), which are based on pure platinum, WHITENOR® by Berkem has less of the color coordinate b, is a perfect alternative to rhodium and has a tried and tested chemical stability that ensures easy usage and, at the same time, frees it from incontrollable market price fluctuations. A result that stems from the eco-sustainable sensitivity of the company in Rubano, Veneto, which, for its own production lines, selects the purest raw materials from supervised and verified sources.

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