“Zero loss” Perfection

Silicones, release agents and rubbers: with Novagum, elasticity and hardness find the right formula

Novagum researches, formulates and produces silicones for the jewelry industry. The range of silicones covers every application: from smooth models to those with many details as well as 0.25 mm thick filigree, for vulcanizable molds at 90, 120 and 180 degrees. Two-component liquid rubber Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) is also known as “zero loss” and offers high tear resistance. These cold, non-vulcanized silicone compounds have different degrees of hardness. Another top product is the Bit Jewellery Releaser, the nanotube liquid release agent that makes vulcanization easier in the most critical situations, particularly suitable in master alloys with a high percentage of copper or with all 3D printing resins. Novagum has also introduced insert technology onto the market which gives exactly the right hardness and elasticity at the required point.

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