Zone Creative S.r.l.

With decades of experience behind it, Zone Creative studies, develops and produces machinery and precision tools for the modern goldsmith studio as well as for silverware and costume jewelry manufacturers. It has also created an innovative high precision machine, Tuboflex, which, together with its AVA3 machinery, is one of the company’s strong points. Protected by an international patent, Tuboflex, in total automation, produces non-welded tube directly from sheet metal, which is then processed, again by machine, to produce bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Tuboflex can shape various types and sizes of non-welded tubing and, by means of PLC software, can also fold to create the required objects. Furthermore, Zone Creative produces different types of products: swaging machines with Plc, winders, variable folders for links, calenders, patterned rollers, torchons, machines for springs. The aim is to study and develop cutting-edge technologies to propose to its customers as well as to improve and speed up their production systems.


Zone Creative S.r.l.
Strada A, 40 - Località San Zeno - 52100 Arezzo - Italy 
Tel. +39 0575 1824407 - Fax +39 0575 1824408 - 
T.Gold 2019: 9 - Stand 32

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