Made in Italy takes the Stage at JCK with Vicenzaoro

The Vicenzaoro hall hosted at the JCK Las Vegas Show makes Made in Italy jewelry a leading player by presenting the collections of over 100 top Italian brands

  • Gold Art

    Gold Art

‘Vicenzaoro Italian Passion. Made with Love’ is not merely a claim intended to enhance those values that have always differentiated Made in Italy products. ‘Vicenzaoro Italian Passion. Made with Love’ is a foreign event - more precisely, an overseas event in Las Vegas - featuring the very best of Italian jewelry! Italian gold and jewelry art is famous for its care, precision and the quality of the materials, not to mention the originality of the products which are admired and in demand the world over. The very aim of this successful international format, supported by IEG (Italian Exhibition Group) and generated by many years of collaboration between Vicenzaoro and JCK Las Vegas, is to promote the exclusiveness of Italian jewelry in one of Made in Italy's main markets in terms of jewelry sales. This year, the Vicenzaoro hall at JCK Las Vegas is strategically located at the entrance to the Show's main floor (Shoreline 2), adjacent to the Plumb Club area. A refined and elegant exhibition layout will host the collections of successful contemporary brands from various regions of Italy: from jewelry by Forever Unique, Massimo Sanalitro, Kria Gioielli, all Milan-based brands, a city that boasts a long-standing jewelry tradition, to collections created in Valenza, Italy's historical and leading gold district, well represented by Luca Carati, Giorgio Visconti, Oro Trend, to mention just a few. From companies in Veneto, such as Caoro and Pippo Perez, to Tuscany's Gold Art, FerrariFirenze and Novecentonovantanove and the original and innovative creativity of Southern Italy embodied perfectly by Amlé. In short, a bona fide journey through Italian style, whose excellence, from north to south, never ceases to surprise and fascinate.

  • Forever Unique

    Forever Unique

  • Massimo Sanalitro

    Massimo Sanalitro

  • Kria Gioielli

    Kria Gioielli

  • Luca Carati

    Luca Carati

  • Pippo Perez

    Pippo Perez

  • Amlé


The expert eye of TRENDVISION at JCK
Futhermore,Vicenzaoro, increasingly more oriented towards boosting networking between Italian exhibitors and American buyers, has created a welcome lounge where the trends unveiled by Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting,Vicenzaoro's global jewelry and luxury Forecasting Observatory, will be playing the leading role. A series of twenty-minute daily events held throughout the days of the Show will involve American journalists, bloggers and buyers. These exclusive trend sessions will have two main objectives: firstly, to capture the interest of American traders and get the attention of the specialized press and secondly, to promote and present Italian jewelry through the trends that the Observatory has identified. The most important event? Sunday 3rd June, from 10.30 to 11.45, in The Showcase, the area devoted to JCK Las Vegas educational events, with Overview 2020. Mapping Design and Product Directions for the upcoming Seasons. 
Markets Trends, Ideas & Inspirations’, a seminar organized by Paola De Luca, Creative Director and Forecaster forTrendvision Jewellery + Forecasting. De Luca will be dealing with the hottest topics in contemporary jewelry and taking a look at possible scenarios for the coming seasons.

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