Athens, Capri and Kyoto in the Creative World of Maureen Maris

At JCK discovering the amazing inspirations of the Greek designer

  • Spell collection ring

    Spell collection ring

Diamonds are in the DNA of Maureen Maris. She was born in Amsterdam, so, she grown up with a full immersion in jewelry world, focused on gems and the art of cutting. She was so enchanted by gemstones that she became a gemologist, and than a jewelry designer. Always looking for the best pieces, she started to travel to every corner of the globe, to find the right ones to create that ring, that necklace... And stopped in Athens, where she lives and has her showroom now. She is always impressed by different cultures, and she is used to find inspirations everywhere. And from everything, expecially from natural subjects, like flora and fauna. Each piece is unique and made following the 18th artisan technique of crafting design in wax. Necklace of Daintree Collection is an amazing ramage of brown diamonds butterflies with rubins and emeralds. Necklace of Posh Collection is an only diamonds cascade of flowers, and Spell Collection is of rubin roses. The double ring Spring in Kyoto Collection is a delicate composit of small flowers, instead Capri and Athens, are inspired to the luxurious nature of the two Mediterranean islands. And JCK in Vegas is the right opportunity to see all these masterpieces on show.

  • Maureen Maris

    Maureen Maris

  • Posh collection ring

    Posh collection ring

  • Spell collection necklace

    Spell collection necklace

  • Oceania collection ring

    Oceania collection ring

  • Capri collection ring

    Capri collection ring

  • Spring in Kyoto collection

    Spring in Kyoto collection

  • Posh collection brooch

    Posh collection brooch

  • Daintree collection ring

    Daintree collection ring

  • Masquerade collection bracelet

    Masquerade collection bracelet

  • Daintree collection necklace

    Daintree collection necklace

  • Dream collection brooch

    Dream collection brooch

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