Vendorafa and The Unique Power of Made in Italy

Augusto Ungarelli, CEO of the historical Vendorafa brand and in attendance at Couture, speaks of his Italian jewelry vision. In America and elsewhere

  • Boules Collection

    Boules Collection

Which features of Made in Italy design do Americans like the most?

Those Americans in search of quality jewelry have always loved volume and surfaces with particular designs and precision production, not only in regard to how the stones are set but also in terms of the various finishings of the gold that can enhance the color and the feel.
Vendorafa has always stood out due to a Made in Italy design that features gold in all its declinations. Aesthetic research involves an in-depth study of the shapes and volumes, which are the fundamental starting point to giving each single item of jewelry its own personality.  These characteristics have always been recognized and loved in the United States.

In your opinion, what is still required or what needs to be reintroduced in order to support Made in Italy in the world?

The strong points of Made in Italy are uniqueness and skilled craftsmanship. In order to stand out, a niche culture needs to be promoted to try to recreate, especially in local organizations, appreciation for artisan professions, so that they become top quality professions, and then synchronize them with the needs of the globalized world. The need to tell true and unique stories, focused on the power of creativity, on the history of the raw materials and their origin, is becoming increasingly felt. This return to the origins is fundamental for affirming a company's presence on the current market. All this has to be communicated and transmitted throughout the world.

Would you say that the American market's taste and requirements have changed in recent years? If so, how?

Certainly. Requirements and taste have changed because jewelry culture awareness has grown, information arrives in real time, the possibilities of travelling and comparing have led to learning about and appreciating the art and craftsmanship that lies beyond the US borders and to understanding value and beauty. Italy holds a winning card in this respect. Our Made in Italy transmits an ancient "savoir faire" that has been handed down through the ages to present day.

  • Augusto Ungarelli, CEO of Vendorafa

    Augusto Ungarelli, CEO of Vendorafa

  • Boules  by Vendorafa

    Boules by Vendorafa

  • Dune Cuff

    Dune Cuff

  • Dune Collection Rings

    Dune Collection Rings

  • Making of in Vendorafa's laboratory

    Making of in Vendorafa's laboratory

  • Making of in Vendorafa's laboratory

    Making of in Vendorafa's laboratory

  • Bangles by Vendorafa

    Bangles by Vendorafa

What new ideas will Vendorafa be bringing to Couture?

As always, we will be presenting new collections like, for example, Anaconda, which is inspired by the pattern on snakeskin and whose every item shines like a gold and diamond mosaic, or a further evolution of the Dune collection, which unites creativity and sensoriality. But we are particularly proud of the Ellisse bracelet in the Bold Collection, which is competing in the 2018 Couture Design Awards. An elliptic bracelet that highlights our hammered gold technique, it has a classical yet unique geometric shape.

To what percentage does the American market affect your company?

It is a market that has a significant effect on our business, and this is why we pay so much attention to it, studying and devising ad hoc collections to fulfill American women's dreams.

Which are the most suitable channels for Vendorafa jewelry? Do you think that your sales strategies reflect the new retail scenes?

For the moment we are still using traditional channels. We believe that our creations need to be seen, worn and touched in order to be loved. But we are also looking very carefully at new and increasingly popular sales methods. For example, we have to take on-line sales into serious consideration, but these must be combined with targeted strategies so that the uniqueness of the jewelry is fully understood.

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