Amniotica: the new Voodoo Jewels collection by Livia Lazzari

It is called Amniotica and it is the last collection of the italian label Voodoo Jewels, designed by the talented Livia Lazzari. The new jewels Voodoo Jewels by Livia Lazzari tell a very single story in which human dimension is magical linked with the spirits of nature. Ancient tribal jewelry inspire shapes which meet geometric and modern lines, harmonious and light bodies combine with materic and organic processes. All embellished with stones of different cuts and sizes.

Voodoo Jewels by Livia Voodoo Jewels by Livia Lazzari

Each creation is the result of a mix between different metals and processes, creating unexpected combinations. Silver joins the bronze, machined surfaces and linear structures blend into each other, creating a collection in which each variation may lead to a new and unexpected aesthetics.


Voodoo Jewels by Livia Lazzari Voodoo Jewels by Livia Lazzari


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