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A Christmas Trendy Gift? The Laces Jewels

Lingerie inspired jewels turn into precious pieces to wear, perfect as unusual Christmas gifts

Soft and delicate lace has been draped all across the runway of this Winter 2018 season, as the refined silhouettes of many fashion brands demonstrate. And if the trend of wearing laces looks perfect for Christmas party evenings, thenfiligree jewels,  recalling the romantic plot, will be the perfect Christmas gift. Melting antique tradition and innovative techniques, jewelers have been experimenting with how far they can take lace

  • neonero


  • mallarino


  • leo pizzo

    leo pizzo

  • Yvonne Christa

    Yvonne Christa

  • Aria Gioielli

    Aria Gioielli

  • Laurent Gandini

    Laurent Gandini

  • pia mariani

    pia mariani

The Neonero latest necklace perfectly fits this trend. It is a unique and elegant collar featuring a design, which holds a blend of the past and the future: the ideal gift for those women who love shapes that are mischievous and intriguing. Earring by MallarinoLeoPizzo and Aria Gioielli will be perfect for contemporary women who love flamboyant and magical shapes. Yvonne Christa’s earrings and Laurent Gandini’s rings will meet the tastes of those who love the bold designs while the amazing Pia Mariani cuff will be really appreciated by who prefer to wear timeless and important pieces.

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