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A look at “Let's Twist”, The New Collection of Uncommon Matters

Fluidity and circularity. With these characteristics, the jewelry in the new Let's Twist collection by Uncommon Matters defies the rules of movement

A sort of hollow circular “ribbon” spiraling on itself then molded into a round to generate hoop or pendant earrings, creoles, necklaces, bangles that acquire the rhythm of dance despite a seemingly sculptural rigidity. This is the daring construction featured in the Let's Twist collection, the latest creative invention of Uncommon Matters. Far from the usual rules of immobility that the brand's jewelry typically features, the collection is inspired, even in its name, by the movement of Lindy Hop, an African-American swing dance that originated in the Harlem district of New York in the 1920s/30s. The jewelry, made in vermeil silver or gold, but also in lacquered wood with bright colors, appears simple in its visual immediacy, but is complex in its actual size, the result of a study that almost involves engineering and is by no means banal. The result is a three-dimensional minimalism that, centered on conceptual design, reveals a playful and entertaining image through its repetitiveness. With the aim of highlighting a look based on the contrast of perfection/imperfection.

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