Aka Titanium

An innovative material for little masterpieces with a futuristic flavor

  • Isabel Marant S/S 2021

    Isabel Marant S/S 2021

Ultra-light and unalterable titanium makes its entrance into high jewelry to renew the sense of preciousness: forged using innovative processing techniques, combined with colored gems or diamonds, “dressed” in bright colors, it brings elaborately shaped creations to life, a balance between idealism and functionality, sophistication and simplicity. Small masterpieces with a futuristic flavor.

  • Emmanuel Tarpin

    Emmanuel Tarpin

  • Lydia Courteille

    Lydia Courteille

  • Suzanne Syz

    Suzanne Syz

  • G by Glenn Spiro

    G by Glenn Spiro

  • Fabio Salini

    Fabio Salini

  • Margherita Burgener

    Margherita Burgener

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