All Eyes on You

From the bazars of Istanbul to the world of fashion: the symbol of the new must in jewelry

  • Libertine Spring 2018

    Libertine Spring 2018

They say every culture has a legend related to the evil eye, it even finds a place within religious texts, including the Bible and the Quran. And it is still rooted in the Turkish tradition. In Istanbul, you will find evil eye souvenirs in every bazars. Originally used as an amulet to protect the wearer from the bad curse, today the blue evil eye is used for aesthetic rather than superstitious reasons. But if you love the eye shape and would like to wear it everyday, now you can choose some more precious versions. The ubiquitous amulet is getting its power into jewelry, inspiring the shapes of necklaces, bracelets and rings crafted from yellow gold or surrounded by diamonds. Some jewelers strongly believe in its spiritual meaning, giving birth to contemporary and precious amulets, some others just use its graphic motif to create unconventional jewels with a surrealist vibe.

  • Ana Katarina

    Ana Katarina

  • Begun khan

    Begun khan

  • Axenoff


  • luis morais

    luis morais

  • ileana makri

    ileana makri

  • sydney evan

    sydney evan

  • misahara


  • sylvie corbelin

    sylvie corbelin

  • Elena de Francesca

    Elena de Francesca

  • Lito Fine Jewelry

    Lito Fine Jewelry

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