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Chopard Presents Insofu: The Emerald with a Thousand Meanings

Chopard Insofu, the exceptional emerald presented by Chopard in Paris, will give life to a new collection of Haute Joaillerie, in full respect of sustainable luxury

An exceptional precious stone can hold different values, some more related to its power, beauty and rarity, others connected with ethics and integrity. On the occasion of the presentation of High Jewelry which took place in Paris during Haute Couture week, Maison Chopard unveiled its latest marvelous discovery: a 6,225-carat raw emerald. Discovered in Zambia, in the Kagem mine, it is one of the most important stones that have ever been found, for weight and purity, which Chopard wanted to call Insofu, "elephant" in the Bemba language, in honor of its homeland. Entrusted to the hands of the best artisan cutters, the gem will give life to a collection of Haute Joaillerie that promises to have an incomparable narrative force. «It is moving to be faced with the beauty and mystery of such a treasure collected in the bowels of the Earth, formed millions of years ago and come down to us to be sublimated by the hands of the artisans who will reveal all its beauty and transcribe the emotions it generates» said Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of the Maison, who has always had a genuine fascination for stones and is able to create an instinctive bond with each gem. A bond that goes far beyond the creative act to reach ethical commitment. Indeed, Chopard Insofu is the first emerald of this size and purity to meet traceability requirements. By purchasing an exceptional stone found in a responsibly managed mine, and then overseeing every stage of its transformation until the final Haute Joaillerie specimens are obtained, Chopard is making the entire process transparent and traceable.


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