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"Collection III" by Isabel Bonner Studio

The London jewelry brand Isabel Bonner Studio has just launched the new “Collection III”, which offers a series of bracelets inspired by the South of Italy

With the latest collection, Collection III, Isabel Bonner adds a “natural” digression to her innovative aesthetic, usually inspired by brutalist architecture. The capsule, in fact, in addition to proposing mini versions of the best-selling models from the previous collections, unveils the first series of bracelets created for the brand. They are called Amalfi and, like the obvious name, they are inspired by the coasts of southern Italy. To evoke the breasts and inlets that characterize the shining Amalfi coast, Bonner has created a flexible design, composed of large chain links that follow one another creating soft waves. The hidden closure, to obtain a minimal final look in line with the designer's architectural but clean taste.

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