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EDIT: When Jewelry Gets a Functional Appeal

Three visionary designers experimenting new ways of wearing jewels

Precious Tears 

One of the designers experimenting with new ways to wear jewelry is Camille Moncomble from Paris, and he is certainly one of the most beloved when it comes to this trend. Having founded a jewelry brand in his name, Moncomble Paris, he has created the mini “Lacrima” collection with a series of tear-shaped jewels to wear on the cheekbones. Camille’s tears come in white gold and sapphires, rose gold and diamonds, or yellow gold and sapphires, making for a refined yet provocative way to wear jewelry unconventionally on the face.

Precious tears

White gold and sapphires “Lacrima Or Blanc” ornament, Moncomble Paris.

A Contemporary Tiara

Designed to follow the natural lines of a growing branch, the Aerie crown is a contemporary, poetic interpretation of the classic tiara. This piece by AKA Jewellery has been created with thin yet solid brass tubes plated in gold or in silver, adorning the head and starting at the nape of the neck. The company’s designer, Ausra Bankauskaite, loves to create jewels with a minimalist look, based on shapes that are in complete harmony with the human body, making for an amazing aesthetic that doesn’t disrupt the spontaneity of movement.

Aka Jewellery

Gold plated brass Aerie crown, AKA Jewellery.

Ornaments of the Future

Though it extends down to the cheekbones, it is not an oddly shaped earring as much as an accessory that circles around almost like a “headband” worn backwards. This experimental creation comes from YVMIN, a Beijing based brand founded by designers Xiaoyu and MIN. The creative duo represents a style that is quite eclectic, exploring new ways to adorn the human body. They are coming up with experimental answers to the question of what we will wear in the future.

Ornaments of the future

Face jewelry in platinum plated brass and zircons, Electronic Girl collection, YVMIN.

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