Endless Summer Jewels

Ten statement jewelry pieces, which will make winter feel like summer

  • Missoni Fall/Winter 2018

    Missoni Fall/Winter 2018

Summer is ending but there’s a way to keep its good vibes high also during winter. How? Just choosing new jewelry pieces carrying authentic natural feelings thanks to the use of organic elements and unconventional gems highlighted by a refined contemporary taste and artisanal crafts. The ‘Ocean’ ring by CVC Stones holds the power of the sea in its essential shapes created by a beach stone encrusted with a precious blue sapphire (the birthstone for the month of September). Wild but very chic they are the enamelled porcupine quill earrings designed by Daniela Villegas who often prefers organic elements to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Is there something more meaningful and ‘grounded’ than the African jewelry? The Ashley Pittman's bracelet - in lightweight horn with tourmaline, citrine, lapis and turquoise stones - perfectly embodies the traditional African style. Tribe-inspired are also the Amrapali's earrings backed in ivory bakelite detailed with an important diamond. Full of joy, ‘green’ suggestions and vibrant sensations are then the creations of Jacquie Aiche, Bahina, Kimberly McDonald, Mallary Marks, and Noor Fares.

  • CVC Stones

    CVC Stones

  • Bahina


  • Amrapali


  • Ashley Pittman

    Ashley Pittman

  • Daniela Villegas

    Daniela Villegas

  • Jacquie Aiche

    Jacquie Aiche

  • Pippa Small

    Pippa Small

  • Kimberly McDonald

    Kimberly McDonald

  • Mallary Marks

    Mallary Marks

  • Noor Fares

    Noor Fares

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