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Fernando Jorge: Amid Talent, Creativity and Commitment to Ethics

The talent of Fernando Jorge is reaffirmed in the new high-jewelry collection “Flame” and in his special collaboration with the on-line platform Auverture

Although 2020 was a year in which various segments along the jewelry sector supply chain suffered a standstill, designer creativity certainly never ceased. Fernando Jorge is among those who can definitely declare this, as his new high-jewelry collection and special collaboration with the on-line platform, Auverture, both go to prove. Conceived over a period of two years, the new “Flame” collection presents thirty unprecedented items with curvy and lofty lines. The Brazilian designer, who has been keeping the free and sensual spirit of Brazil alive in London’s East End, injects new energy into his work while still staying faithful to his roots. A good part of the collection features Brazilian gems, from suppliers that apply ethical production practices, including translucent citrine, pink quartz and amethyst, all gems that Jorge used to collect as a child. «Designing Flame allowed me to reconnect with curves and sensuality, elements that always hold prime positions in my work. Looking back to go forward, I found inspiration in the colors and materials of my childhood, » Jorge explains. He has also vowed to donate a percentage of the collection’s sales to protecting and reforesting the Amazon rain forest. A supportive spirit also appears in his collaboration with Auverture, the website based on an idea from Dutch designer Bibi van der Velden, which is promoting the Auverture United initiative: limited edition collections created by the designers on the on-line platform to financially support those in need. Jorge was the first. He created the “Abraço” collection for Auverture, transposing all his captivating aesthetics into delightful jewelry items that reproduce the act of embracing. By remotely monitoring several skillful artisans in Thailand, Jorge conceived every aspect of each item’s intricate construction so that they would evoke an idea of unity and solidarity. 

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