Festival Look

Ecletic creations, dominated by iridescent colors and shining gems

  • Versace S/S 2021

    Versace S/S 2021

Ideas devised for a large summer gathering of a vast community to celebrate every genre of music: from rock to hip pop, from indie to electronic. Ideas for the mixture of styles of those attending. Then these ideas transform into a concept applied to jewelry. The result? Eclectic creations, dominated by iridescent colors and shining gems.

  • Bea Bongiasca

    Bea Bongiasca

  • State Property

    State Property

  • Melissa Kaye

    Melissa Kaye

  • Nina Runsdorf

    Nina Runsdorf

  • Brent Neale

    Brent Neale

  • Aisha Baker

    Aisha Baker

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