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Floral Jungle, Five Rings in Limited Edition by Giovanni Raspini

Floral Jungle is the new creative offer of the Tuscan designer, with five limited edition rings as a tribute to the world’s most fascinating and precious natural locations

Lush, luxuriant and rich in decorative detail, the five pieces of jewellery created by the Tuscan designer are a tribute to the world’s most fascinating and precious natural locations. The highest expression of the brand’s craftsmanship and visionary skills, these rings express a stylistic and creative continuity inspired by Giovanni Raspini’s latest major exhibition: Around the World in 80 Jewels, presented last spring.

Amazonia Rainbow, Pacific Blue Reef, Bali Lushing Forest, Japan Cherry Blossom and African Blooming Protea: only two hundred pieces per design are made, each ring named after a geographical location on our planet. Each collection piece boasts a rich and distinctive wearing style, as well as a unique identity and craftsmanship of the highest quality that distinguishes each one from the others. A peerless collection designed to become a fundamental and distinctive element in a woman’s look. 

Amazonia Rainbow is dedicated to the extraordinary biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest. A true exploration of colour and sculptural modelling where flora and fauna come together in a vibrant and elegant piece of jewellery. Mounted on a cast and burnished silver base, it depicts lush plants and a sleek cheetah. It has been set with seven coloured gems. The large faceted-cut rock crystal with an iridescent rainbow glow takes centre stage. In contrast, its companions – two rose-hued siamite stones, three quartz and mother-of-pearl doublets and two crystals – are all splendidly iridescent in unison. Silver, light and colour for an elegant celebration of movement and passion.

Pacific Blue Reef also conjures up a symphony of colours, evoking the depth and shine of the sea. The burnished silver cast component showcases typical coral reef features: madrepores, corals, anemones and shells. It is precisely here, as if swayed by the sea current, that the ten gems are gently placed. A large drop-shaped blue quartz emerges, two rosy natural pearls and another one in white livery, then three quartz and mother of pearl doublets and two pale blue siamite stones.

Bali Lushing Forest carries your heart and thoughts to the green rainforests of Southeast Asia. The rounded, droplet-like burnished silver stylistic features echo the joyful freshness of water and tropical rain in the arrangement of nine cabochon stones. Two exquisitely beautiful Ethiopian opals (radiating yellow, green and orange iridescence), three tourmalinated quartz and green agate doublets, and four quartz and green mother of pearl doublets all enrich the piece of jewellery with brilliant nuances. A piece of lush forest drenched in monsoon rain. 

Two different silver finishes, partly burnished and partly gilded in rose gold, are paired together to highlight all the subtle finesse of the cast decoration on the Japan Cherry Blossom ring. No fewer than thirteen gemstones are embedded – a colour palette reminiscent of traditional cherry blossom: two pink natural pearls, five siamite stones in shades of pink, three black onyxes, and two quartz and pink mother of pearl doublets. The intense and luminous centrepiece is a large navette-cut corundum. 

The last ring presented by Giovanni Raspini is the African Blooming Protea. A piece of jewellery infused with great personality, directly transporting us to southern Africa, inspired by the plant also celebrated in Europe since the 18th century for its striking coloured inflorescence. The ring’s outer corolla is made of burnished silver; the inner one is gilded silver, set with nine natural pearls, all pink in colour. A striking centrepiece, an “antique-cut” cabochon rock crystal and labradorite doublet featuring an iridescent effect. Warm colours and precious shades for a piece of jewellery that evokes the scent of distant lands. Five unique and precious rings for a beauty crafted from impressions and ac curate research.

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