From Pearls to Shells

Jewelry gets bohemian with a newborn trend inspired by the nature of seashells: a symbol of strength and protection



The sea is a never-ending source of inspiration. Especially in the summer we might say. So why do not use its beauty by creating statement pieces of jewelry which celebrate its natural forms? As suggested from the latest looks dominating the runways, seashell’s material and forms are the most inspirational of the season. Jewelers seem to pay homage to their childhood spent hearing the sound of the sea in a shell or collecting them while walking on the beach, delivering pieces with iridescent and natural surfaces featuring applications of pearls and mother of pearls - of course – but also humble Puka, conch, and other variety of stunning natural sea shells. From fashion to fine jewelry, here are 10 pieces, which perfectly embody this newborn bohemian trend.

  • aron hirsch

    aron hirsch

  • bibi van der velden

    bibi van der velden

  • rebecca de ravenel

    rebecca de ravenel

  • carina shoshtary

    carina shoshtary

  • ellery


  • grainne morton

    grainne morton

  • shagreen et tortoise

    shagreen et tortoise

  • reliquia


  • loewe


  • Elise Tsikis

    Elise Tsikis

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