Give Me a Hand

Glamour, astrology, goodluck: jewels in the shape of hands have a powerful symbolic value

  • Victoria Beckham F/W 2020

    Victoria Beckham F/W 2020

In the figurative language of jewelry, hands have a long story. Already common in Ancient Rome and then rendered famous firstly in the Georgian and then in the Victorian Ages, they are now back to donate their symbolic value to jewelry with extremely refined details. Pendants, rings and earrings become precious amulets, bearers of strength, love and loyalty.

  • Aida Bergsen

    Aida Bergsen

  • Anthony Lent

    Anthony Lent

  • Paola Vilas

    Paola Vilas

  • Milamore


  • Samuel Fran├žois

    Samuel Fran├žois

  • Amrapali


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