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Glamour Vintage: A New Jewelry Trend

A seen on 16Arlington A/W 2021-22 catwalk, a new trend is investing the jewerly world: it is the result of a fusion of contrasting elements, recalling the glamour style of the eighties

  • 16Arlington, A/W 2021-22

    16Arlington, A/W 2021-22

A pair of sculpted earrings, covered in orange rhinestone, complete an outfit decorated with matching feathers. One of the most striking looks on the 16Arlington brand’s A/W 2021-22 catwalk that tells a lot about the unprecedented concept of jewelry that some latest generation designers appear to be showing a preference for: a mixture between a recall to glamour vintage, scathing design, natural and artificial shapes. A new type of aesthetics, the result of a fusion of contrasting elements that, in this specific case, draw inspiration from French artist Hubert Duprat, known for a creative project that was, to say the least, "sui generis". In the Eighties, he experimented with insect larva which, placed in tanks full of gold, pearls or lapis lazuli, began to produce cocoons with the precious materials that surrounded them. Nature producing art.

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