Hannah Martin’s Call to Arm

Through its bold design, "A New Act of Rebellion", the new collection launched by Hannah Martin teaches us to free ourselves from the conventions to become truly free

In the manifesto written by Hannah Martin for the launch of her collection "A New Act of Rebellion", there is a quote that gets our attention most - although none of the others leaves us indifferent, and it is "To truly feel is heroic". A phrase that invite us to rediscover values such as authenticity and freedom, to listen more, to go beyond conventions. « This collection is a call to arms. It is battle dress. It is about a way of being. A way of living. It is a love letter to unsanitised liberation,» continues Hannah who is used to express breaking messages through her collections. «My last collection, Somebody’s Sins, was designed during a period in my life when I was fighting to break free. It is about power and control. This “New Act of Rebellion” is exactly that. An uncompromising celebration of what it means to be wild.» The new jewels evoke the intensity of true feelings through a bold design, full of punk references and of an understated elegance, which has always characterized the style of the English designer.

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