Chiaroscuro Metals

As dark as the night. As shining as the light. A chiaroscuro palette enhances the preciousness of this jewels

  • The Blonds FW 2017-18

    The Blonds FW 2017-18

The darkness of burnished gold. The light of diamonds. The fascination of black Tahitian pearls, the purity of an Akoya pearl. With a contemporary design, the latest jewelry items express the elegant achromatic variation of black and white, making it one of the most sophisticated and regal musts.

  • Butani


  • Remida Tornaghi

    Remida Tornaghi

  • Nikos Koulis

    Nikos Koulis

  • Colette


  • Carrera y Carrera

    Carrera y Carrera

  • Suzanne Syz

    Suzanne Syz

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