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Jewelry Inspired by the Human Body

A sensual trend celebrating feminine value

  • Schiaparelli F/W 2021

    Schiaparelli F/W 2021

Ears, hips, breasts… even nails and nipples. Jewelry “dissects” the parts of the body to transform them into ironic and sensual items. An unusual trend with a daring trait that, through the malleability of gold, aims to ennoble femininity’s voluptuous outlines to celebrate its value, strength and uniqueness.

  • 10 Decoart

    10 Decoart

  • Bijules


  • Samuel François

    Samuel François

  • Anissa Kermiche

    Anissa Kermiche

  • Persta


  • Paola Vilas

    Paola Vilas

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