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Jewelry Trend Fall 21: 80s Revival

The iconic symbols of the Eighties are transformed into original motifs in the new jewels

  • Moschino FW/2021

    Moschino FW/2021

They are remembered as the years of social hedonism. We are talking about the years between 1980 and ’90, a decade that gave birth to some of the most iconic symbols ever. From Tao to the smile, from the symbol for peace to the music cassette, that are now authentic cult items to wear, thanks to the playful verve of new-generation designers.

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  • EF Collection

    EF Collection

  • Atelier Nawbar

    Atelier Nawbar

  • Nancy Newberg

    Nancy Newberg

  • Nicole Rose

    Nicole Rose

  • Wilhelmina Garcia

    Wilhelmina Garcia

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