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Jewelry Trend Fall 21: Ode to Dante

Dante's imagination inspires the creation of high-end jewelry pieces of visionary workmanship

  • Iris van Herpen F/W 2021

    Iris van Herpen F/W 2021

Blue sapphires that sway to a hypnotic beat, flaming citrines that warm the eyes… A Dantesque atmosphere dominates the style of some high jewelry pieces that take us on an imaginary journey where divine and profane intermix amid paradisiac scenes and passionate emotions, recreated through meticulous workmanship.

  • Lily Gabriella

    Lily Gabriella

  • Fernando Jorge

    Fernando Jorge

  • Suzanne Kalan

    Suzanne Kalan

  • Chopard


  • Faith Jewels

    Faith Jewels

  • David Webb

    David Webb

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