Jewels with a Cashmere Mood

Paisley pattern as an inspiration for new contemporary jewels

  • Isabel Marant F/W 2021

    Isabel Marant F/W 2021

Iconic, exotic and timeless, paisley is one of the most famous patterns of all time. Its nature-inspired drop-like shapes, conceived in a distant past in the regions of Kashmir, India, now inspire unprecedented jewelry. The unique gem combinations, used to re-evoke its imaginative plant-derived intricacy, demonstrate the skill of some of the most talented contemporary designers.

  • Aida Bergsen

    Aida Bergsen

  • Lydia Courteille

    Lydia Courteille

  • Michele della Valle

    Michele della Valle

  • Sajjante


  • Ananya


  • Sicis Jewels

    Sicis Jewels

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