Jungle Party

Animal inspired jewels are a new wild trend for summer 2018

  • wendy yue

    wendy yue

They are playful and provocative, and always add a touch of intrigue. We are talking about animal inspired jewels, a new must for a wild summer. Birds, butterflies, flowers and animals like tigers, lions, leopards but also spiders and monkeys: welcome in the most glamour and precious jungle where the orang-utans of Assael are dangling from a golden South Sea cultured pearl, cheeky monkeys (by Bibi Vander Velden) shine with brown and white diamonds while glinging to a lemon quartz banana, or even while sitting on their zebra friends (Chaumet) and a roaring panther gives a bite of its power to the shapes of a slim yellow gold ring by designer Jordan Askill.

  • apm monaco

    apm monaco

  • daniela villegas

    daniela villegas

  • assael


  • Bibi Vander Velden

    Bibi Vander Velden

  • chaumet


  • Gaelle Khouri

    Gaelle Khouri

  • jordan Askill

    jordan Askill

  • silvia furmanovich

    silvia furmanovich

  • pippa small

    pippa small

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