Knight’s Armor Jewels

Inspired by armor knight, the new bracelets add a 'mystical' mood to Spring/Summer outfits

  • Louis Vuitton, S/S 2019

    Louis Vuitton, S/S 2019

They seem as if they are creating an invisible but very real field of strength, designed to totally enwrap the wrist, and sometimes even the forearm, of the wearer.They are the new bracelets made in gold and burnished silver or bronze: powerful jewels which are reminiscent of a medieval knight’s armor, bringing back to life a style that combines strength, determination and a touch of mysticis. 

  • Federica Tosi

    Federica Tosi

  • maria & luisa jewels

    maria & luisa jewels

  • patrizia santamaria

    patrizia santamaria

  • rosamaria venetucci

    rosamaria venetucci

  • barbara biffoli

    barbara biffoli

  • elie top

    elie top

  • gaelle khouri

    gaelle khouri

  • lucia odescalchi

    lucia odescalchi

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