Lucky Move, Messika's New Talismans

Messika's new collection, Lucky Move, leads us to the discovery of gems and their power

A talisman necklace with a contemporary design in nine different colors, each of one "animated" by the shades of semi-precious gems. This is the latest idea of Valérie Messika, founder and creative director of the namesake jewelry brand, Messika. The designer, most loved by the stars, especially for her bold creations with white diamonds, is now launching "Lucky Move", a new collection in which, for the first time in the history of the brand, diamonds are not the main protagonists but the discreet companions of semi precious gems and of some organic materials such as wood. «For this decidedly playful collection designed to bring good luck, adding color seemed like an obvious choice,» explains Valérie, « each shade is based on my favorite colors and the energy they give off ». Like it's asking, "Tell me what color you choose and I'll tell you who you are", each talisman tells a side of our personality and holds unique characteristics within it. Malachite embodies authenticity, black onyx gives strength, carnelian gives off passion, lapis lazuli bestows mystery, turquoise declaims freedom, mother of pearl, in its most captivating iridescences, gives elegance and charm, finally a precious and rare wood, the ziricote, boosts courage.


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