Luísa Rosas' Natural Beauty

The collections by Portuguese designer Luísa Rosas add avant-garde and experimental content to VICENZAORO

Just as nature’s organic structures give life to increasingly different patterns, Luísa Rosas creates jewels, using an emotional and sensorial aesthetic approach. The Portuguese designer comes from a family of goldsmiths and this important part of her heritage certainly nurtures her creative spirit, allowing her to o er sophisticated collections, rich in expert know-how. Each jewel is truly a piece of ne jewelry with an experimental flavor that comes from Rosas’ tireless study and her constant attention to details and the movements of natural forms. It starts with the architecture of primitive images ingrained in each one of us. Perhaps this is why each of her pieces ‘ask’ to be touched before they are put on and why they stimulate feelings of peace and marvel: consider the harmony and delicateness of leaves, the energy and strength of stones or the power and majesty of mountains. Everything is completed by meticulous gem selection, entrusted to master jewelers who choose the color, weight, purity and cut of each stone, using very strict criteria. For example, the ‘Be’ collection celebrates women’s awareness and indi- vidualism through surprising designs: small ovals in yellow or white gold and diamonds multiply, generating complex forms with different functions, as if they were alive. Instead, ‘Skin’ is in- spired by intriguing marine creatures, suggesting the appeal of the world under the sea, through expert workings. Bracelets, earrings and pendants present two di erent sides to show: one boasts the delicate sheen of satin-finiished gold and another is lustrous gold and diamonds. Finally, the ‘Tribe’ collection shows leaf designs, created by veining and overlapping layers. Luísa distorts every form, through convex and concave planes, and reinvents volumes, demonstrating all her talent.

  • serralves earrings

    serralves earrings

  • water ring - essence collection

    water ring - essence collection

  • essence collection - stone ring

    essence collection - stone ring

  • essence collection - grass ring

    essence collection - grass ring

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