Marco Bicego Launches Alta

The Vicenza designer's first high jewelry collection, launched last month in Geneva, is called Alta.

What other name but ALTA to launch his first high jewelry collection? Marco Bicego has taken the plunge and crossed the threshold of top of the range with this first collection, presented at Haute Jewels Geneva last April, which aims to be an ode to the magnificence of natural stones and a tribute to the master craftsmanship of his Vicenza atelier. Strictly natural, with no treatment whatsoever to enhance their color and intensity, the stones chosen for this first Alta collection range from diamonds to sapphires, iolites, pearls, aquamarines, amethysts, quartz and tourmalines. A kaleidoscopic explosion of gems, selected with the utmost care so that the quid of elegance and sophistication that distinguishes the brand is never lost. The ALTA collection retains some of the design elements for which Marco Bicego's stylistic trait stands out and can be seen in the burin-worked, yellow gold elements so dear to the company. All of the jewels in the collection reinforce the brand's positioning in the high-end segment, paying homage yet again to that all-Italian artistic expertise that is so loved across the border.

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