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Medallions: New Cherished Heirlooms

If your are looking for a jewel full of meaning, go for a medallion

  • Chloé FW 2018

    Chloé FW 2018

Cleopatra used to give her servants a medallion with emeralds and an image of her. Ancient Romans were famous for their art of display portrait effigy of noted persons. In the Victorian era, they were considered magical objects. The medallions have always been loved and bring their antique vibes to the present day. Antique gold coins and medallions are reinterpreted with light, modern twists, to be worn as modern heirlooms carrying religious, spiritual and protective meanings. There’s a wide array of models. The brand Dubini uses unique coins from the past and set them into contemporary and inimitable pieces; Foundrae’s pieces feature iconic and spiritual symbolism meant to empower and energize those that claim it. But many others are the contemporary brands using the power of these charming symbols like Futuro Remoto, Venyx, Misahara, Dudley Van Dyke, Anie Haie, Thomas Sabo.

  • Dudley VanDyke

    Dudley VanDyke

  • retrouvai


  • futuro remoto

    futuro remoto

  • Misahara


  • Venyx


  • Dubini


  • Thomas Sabo

    Thomas Sabo

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