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Messika Paris Challenges the Drest Metaverse

Only one more day left to “visit” the digital space that the fashion house has opened on the Drest app to present the collection with the avatar of Kate Moss

A fashion game app seen as "the future of e-commerce". This is Drest, a virtual dimension in which the Paris fashion house, Messika Paris, has, for the last fortnight, been presenting the Messika by Kate Moss collection through an avatar of the supermodel herself. Drest is an interactive luxury metaverse whose aim is to model avatars, thanks to the support of several top models who have officially paired up with Drest to be represented as avatars. Messika has been collaborating with Drest for two weeks and today, 11th April, is the last chance to view the collection of the Parisian brand by Kate Moss through a pop-up avatar of the supermodel directly on the app. Users can create stunning looks using Messika's selection of jewelry and, through the app's e-commerce, purchase the collections. The best Drest "stylist" chosen by Kate Moss herself will be rewarded with a Baby Move diamond pave pendant, Messika's iconic collection with three mobile diamonds at its center. «I'm excited to see users engage in the Messika challenge in the Drest metaverse and see how they model the avatar and icon of Kate Moss. I have always thought it important for people to play with diamonds and experiment with jewelry as they do in the fashion world. Fine jewelry should not be intimidating, there are no rules and diamonds should never be seen as an occasional accessory. Messika's challenge on Drest will certainly help to dispel these myths,» says Valérie Messika.

Through Drest, users can rate the various looks they choose. The more positive ratings you collect, the higher your score will be, which will then be converted into money allowing you to buy more clothes and accessories, again through in-app. Drest currently has 360,000 unique monthly users, mainly in the US and UK.

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