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Millennials Inspire VicenzaOro Creativity

New directions and energies flowed through the halls at VicenzaOro 2018, signaling a new era for the Jewellery Boutique Show

  • Ania Haie

    Ania Haie

With overseas buyers outnumbering those of Italian nationality, the show itself displayed an equally youthful, forward-looking and international attitude. The Design Room, a new zone for 2018, featured fine jewellers from eight countries, each inventive and identity-driven through their designs. Noor Fares showcased bold, nanoceramic plated designs evoking ‘90s rave culture, while emerging Brazilian talent Bia Tambelli encapsulated human spirituality through symbolic jewels with rubies at their heart. Elsewhere, new materials, processes and concepts responded to the emerging, youthful jewellery consumer, set to inspire brands as we move into the 2020s.


New brand Vivalagioia debuted accessible diamond and gemstone tennis bracelets made with a patented alloy called 1kt Gold, targeting Millennial shoppers with prices points under €300. Peruffo, meanwhile, experimented with 3D printing in 9kt gold for a range of ‘diamond’ cage rings and hoop earrings.
Running with the motto ‘Not your grandmother’s cameo’, I Bello’s traditional cameos were transformed into tongue-in-cheek treasures, with rings and pendants emblazoned with swear words and playful emojis. Nanis’ new Dancing in the Rain designs encapsulated versatility. Priced under €500, multi-wear earrings, diamond stack rings and gold pendants were tailored to Millennial jewellery shoppers buying their first piece of fine jewellery — or alternative engagement ring.
Finally, tipped as a brand to watch, Ania Haie launched at VicenzaOro with a new retail concept designed to fit with the fast-fashion model. The brand will reveal new collections each month, discontinuing old styles to keep the range fresh and shoppers coming back for more.

  • Ania Haie Coins

    Ania Haie Coins

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