Minimalism and Lightness

GI By Giselle Effting presents a unique collection in titanium and diamonds, all based on the theme of the body

Founded in Florence in 2019 and with the creativity and touch of designer Giselle Effting, the brand focuses on creating unique pieces that follow the lines of the body in an innovative yet minimalist style. GI by Giselle Effting works on personal interiority, on the strength and flexibility of the body, to conceive jewelry that follows the curvature of its shape. All the pieces in the collection are made in titanium, taking advantage of its low density and considerable durability, and to be resistant to corrosion and scratches. Moreover, titanium allows for a greater variety of shades thanks to its ability to change color due to the orbital changes of the crystal and electrons obtained in the use of hot oxidation or an anodizing process. By emphasizing the curves of the body, Giselle Effting's creative process becomes the lever with which the designer expresses her world, where craftsmanship and 3D come together. The search for materials and colors is constantly evolving in order to investigate the shape of the body and achieve perfection.

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