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Minty, a New Brand with Exemplary Practices

Founded a year ago with the intention of spreading culture around lab-grown diamonds, the brand Minty channels its elegant and innovative creativity towards a better future

Lab-grown diamonds, recycled gold and high-tech ceramics: Minty's explosive and open-minded personality starts with a rigorous choice of materials combined with a creativity that could be described as somewhat “disruptive”. Founded at the beginning of 2022 by two industry insiders - a Central Saint Martins-trained designer and a fourth-generation diamond dealer - the brand has already attracted the attention of prominent figures such as musician FKA twigs. A success that rewards the particularly original style of Minty jewelry as much as it does the brand's determination to make the future a “better place” through veritable dogmas. «We chose to work only with recycled 18k gold because we believe it is the most sustainable option. With a view to finding alternatives to our planet's scarce natural resources, our team then discovered a highly technical and robust solution for setting diamonds in our pieces: a high-quality, unbreakable and scratch-resistant ceramic material that replaces traditional bezels. Its zirconium base has polished surfaces, developed in a range of contrasting colors. Lastly, we only use Type IIA diamonds - among the purest in existence - reproduced with high-pressure, high-temperature reactors that mimic the natural diamond formation process, thus avoiding the impact of mining and any possible conflicts.» Creating more culture around lab-grown diamonds is an authentic mission that Minty pursues through creations that masterfully revisit certain cornerstones of classic jewelry. Like the tennis bracelet, reinterpreted in a particularly catching version to become a contemporary and conscious must-have to be worn every day and to hand down from generation to generation.


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