Moving Diamonds by John Moore

Imagination, movement and craftsmanship, all in one piece: Vortice II, the new necklace by artist John Moore

There are jewels, which perfectly fit our everyday outfits, there are one-of-a-kind pieces destined for special occasions and then there are the wearable sculptures, visionary creations, born from a research that combines experimentation and craftsmanship. This is the case of Vortice II, an extraordinary work just launched by the Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery, well known for capturing the imaginations of contemporary artists and collectors across the globe. Vortice II is the second in a series of necklaces created by artist John Moore, winner of The Goldsmiths’ Company Award in 2016 and 2019, who stands out for his distinctive works in which he combines a variety of materials, selected for their unique properties. Made over a three month period, the necklace presents a vertical row of diamonds set in 18ct gold. 164 silver discs radiate out from the neck. They seamlessly increase in length to form a point at the center. The specially engineered silicone core allows the necklace to flex freely in all directions and mold comfortably to the wearer. It can be worn flat against the body or turned up at the back to create a twist towards the front. The clasp is comprised of 53 separate components. In addition to its engineering part, this creation also has a strong symbolic meaning. The shape represents a pair of wings, gently encircling the neck. They are the wings of an angel or guardian, shielding the wearer from harm. They symbolize freedom, love and protection. The V shape is also a reference to the flight formation of migrating birds.  As each bird beats its wings, vortices of air are created to aid the flight of the bird behind.

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