Names to Know: Carolina Neves

Inspired by the fan, “Plissé”, the latest collection by Carolina Neves expresses all the creativity, amusement and contemporaneity of her talent. The Brazilian designer interprets an iconic accessory of the female wardrobe with an unprecedented and playful style, embel- lished with a mixture of colored gems. This special use of precious stones decorating the jewelry, creating a graceful dance of lights, is what gives her homonymous brand, launched in 2011, its own identity. Born in 1987 and based in São Paulo, Neves is currently one of the most highly acclaimed designers in Brazil and has already conquered some important on-line shopping platforms, such as Moda Operandi, Broken English and Five Story. 

Unprecedented Shapes 
Carolina Neves 2
The folds of the fan designed with particular creativity gives an unprecedented yet, at the same time, classic form to these gold and precious gem earrings. A tribute to femininity seen with a contemporary eye. 

Iconic Pendants 
Carolina Neves 3
In pink gold and precious gems, such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and tourmalines, these earrings stand out for the long, rigid guard sticks complete with two pendants that produce the iconic pleated shape.

Original Identities 

Carolina Neves 4 The pleating technique re-interpreted in a pair of stud earrings accompanied by minute rectangular or round-cut precious stones. The way in which the gems are distributed is characteristic of the Brazilian designer’s original style.

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