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Names to Know: Jacqueline Barbosa

"Go Big or Go Home" is the philosophy of Jacqueline Barbosa, the Founder of two new interesting jewelry brands

Jacqueline Barbosa is the creative mind and founder of the fashion jewelry brand GBGH and the exclusive fine jewelry line Jacqueline Barbosa Jewels, launched after completing her Master of Arts degree in Jewelry Design at Central Saint Martins in London, in 2019. Her creations stand out for the experimental textural details that have become her signature style. After all, GBGH stands for "Go Big or Go Home", a genuine philosophy that governs not only the style of Jacqueline's creations, but also her vision of life. Without forgetting the environmental commitment and its big role in the production of each piece, which is made by local artisans in New York.


“A” Earcuff 


The ear is fully embraced by the precious earcuff signed Jacqueline Barbosa Jewels, in gold and diamonds, strictly recycled.

Fenn Hoops 


GBGH earrings with a special textural effect, a technical detail by which the designer personalizes her creations. They are made of 18kt gold plated brass. Recycled, of course

Stellar Necklace


Here paired with the Bridget Hoops, the Stellar Necklace is part of the Everything is Delicately Connected collection, inspired by the balance that rules our Universe. Brand: GBG

 “S” Earrings


Like all the other pieces signed by Jacqueline Barbosa Jewels, the “S” Earrings are made in New York according to ethical practices, using post-consumer recycled 18kt gold and ethical diamonds.

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