New Style Rules

If the current situation, due to the Covid-19 emergency, imposes new rules, new ways of wearing jewelry are born, with irony and lightness

  • Luiny @luiny

    Luiny @luiny

One of the prerogatives of any creative expression is to reflect the historical moment in which we live, interpreting it through new aesthetic languages made of irony, provocation, sometimes even denunciation. It happens in art and it happens in jewelry. We give you a fun and light example, with a series of images that are trendy right now on Instagram and that somehow have given birth to a new way of communicating the jewelry collections. If, in fact, due to Covid-19 emergency, we are forced to use latex gloves to protect ourselves, why not wear rings and bracelets on them? A way to make this duty more glamorous and fun. A way to interpret protection through a message made of optimism, preciousness and beauty, because this is also what we need in difficult moments.

  • Luiny @luiny

    Luiny @luiny

  • Anita Berisha @anitabjewelry

    Anita Berisha @anitabjewelry

  • Hernan Herdez @hernan.herdez

    Hernan Herdez @hernan.herdez

  • Maison Margiela @mm6maisonmargiela

    Maison Margiela @mm6maisonmargiela

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