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Piero Milano's Innovation Process: Between Digital and Solid Values

Storytelling and customer experience: these are the keywords during Fall at Piero Milano

The historic jewelry brand, Piero Milano, is experiencing a particularly productive Fall with an extraordinary increase in demand, not only compared to a difficult 2020, but also to previous years. But how to respond promptly to a trend that, although positive, requires appropriate strategies? «The increase in demand comes at a time when it is hard to receive supplies of certain raw materials as well as to find certain technological resources, which are essential in the production of a quality product. We are able to overcome these problems not only due to our usual commitment and dedication but also to the uncommon fact that we have our own integrated production plant.» Ensuring a high level of service is, in fact, a priority for the brand that embraces the world of digitalization without ever losing sight of its traditional values. «We are going through a moment of radical transition, where execution speed and efficiency are now the crucial points on which the business is based. We are responding to the strong call for digitization but without losing sight of our brand values: storytelling and customer experience.» Values that are actually interconnected: those who know Piero Milano, in fact, choose to wear its creations because of the history and ideas the company has represented since 1953. And, at the same time, each proposal is customized to adapt the service to the various requirements of each person, thus guaranteeing an individual shopping experience. This is precisely the winning card that has allowed the brand to gain a highly-coveted position, as confirmed by its success at recent international events, namely Couture and The Show, and the company’s extremely positive performances at Vicenzaoro and Open in Caserta.

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